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Hello, my name is Justin Hernandez (interview) and I’m a 25 year-old dreamer living in Kapolei on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. I love people. I started this site out of the sincere belief that everyone needs to be inspired. What has motivated me to do this site was failure. In a 2 year span I, 1) Got into 2 accidents (minor ones, the day I got laid off and the day my ex-girlfriend went back to the mainland – sheesh) 2) Laid off of my job and 3) Broke up with my girlfriend and we called off the wedding. These failures (and other minor ones) led me to create Tivate.com. I want to know what makes people successful. Tivate is born not of genius, expertise or my being perfect but rather out of sadness and my desire to find out how to change that and help others in the process. Here’s more on how I feel:

Daily we are bombarded with so many negative things – I mean just watch the news. The war in Iraq (I know I’m going to date myself with this list), Tibet, dumb celebrities, abusive cops, Jack Thompson, murders, recession, crime – the list goes on and on. It’s depressing. Instead of focusing on these negative issues, Tivate.com aims to be different. [pqr]We want to offer something positive. Tivate is a breath of fresh air.[/pqr]

My philosophy is a three step process of “cultivate, motivate, activate” – get tivated (explanation here)! We aim to get you tivated through interviews, articles, analysis of historical figures, pictures and quotes. While you may not share the same sentiments expressed in our posts, you leave thinking and seeing life from a different perspective.

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You can contact me at justin at-no-spammy tivate.com or use our contact form. You may also contact Christina at tina at tivate.com


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  1. Lucy Lopez

    Hi Justin! I applaud your decision to allow your experiences (although I would not ever call them ‘failures’ :-)) to prompt you to explore life in all its mess, madness, mystery and magic!

    I also happen to love the work of William James 🙂

    In love, Lucy
    How shall I serve you, my Love?

    Lucy Lopez’s last post: Prayer of Healing Part 2

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    Justin Hernandez replies:

    Thanks Lucy! You’re right, life is such a journey – but that’s what makes it fun. There’s so much for us to learn. Thanks for your insight and I’ll check William James.

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  2. Jesseeka32


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    Justin Hernandez replies:

    Thanks Jess! Thanks for registering too. I hope to see you around Tivate. 🙂

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    Jesseeka32 replies:

    Same to you, sexy 😉

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    Justin Hernandez replies:

    WOW! That was unexpected! Thanks – you’ve made my day. 🙂

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  3. mamaknoitall

    this is awesome jus, i’m so proud of you!!
    i’m just irked out that you didn’t let me know sooner!?
    my only gripe is this one thing: closet geek? seriously?

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