20 ways to Propose


A marriage proposal is one of the most romantic memories that you will ever have. They don’t have to be extravagant, just creative. Any effort put forth on your behalf will surely win your love’s heart. Here’s some romantic ways to propose to your loved one.


1. Hide it in food

Propose Food

2. Movie Theatre

Propose Theatre

3. In the sand

Propose Sand

4. Sky banner

Propose Banner

5. At the Eiffel Tower

Propose Tower

6. Where you first met

Propose First Met

7. At a game

Propose Game

8. Re-enact a movie

Propose Cinderella

9. In candles

Propose Candles

10. On a poster

Propose Poster

11. On the radio

Propose Radio

12. In a fortune cookie

Propose Cookie

13. With a rose

Propose Rose

14. Message in a bottle

Propose Bottle

15. Cracker Jack Box

Propose Prize

16. Scrabble

Propose Scrabble

17. Hot air balloon

Propose Balloon

18. Treasure hunt

Propose Map

19. With your pet

Propose Pet

20. On a billboard

Propose Billboard

Have you proposed another way? Please share!



“” – BritishYosef on Flickr [Online Image]

“Ring dog” – on Flickr [Online Image]

“{ It was a hard and dangerous hunt .. ,,” – { B a r c a ,, on Flickr [Online Image]

“‘Navigator’ over Cochella Valley (Palm Springs)” – ms4jah on Flickr [Online Image]

“03-21-07 Cracker Jack Evening” – lscan on Flickr [Online Image]

“MS08” – hin_lin_tin on Flickr [Online Image]

“Old school Boombox” – allemander on Flickr [Online Image]

“IMG_4482” – legilimens on Flickr [Online Image]

“DisneyPhotoImage161” – MattwThorn on Flickr [Online Image]

“Will you Marry This Guy” – lolowar on Flickr [Online Image]

“A New York minute she will never forget…” – ace of nothing on Flickr [Online Image]

“Eiffel Tower at Nite” – on Flickr [Online Image]

“A Proposal” – moriza on Flickr [Online Image]

“Cloud 9 Proposal” – doncon402 on Flickr [Online Image]

“Question in the sand….” – Mollissima! on Flickr [Online Image]

“Elizabeth’s Engagement Ring” – disneymike on Flickr [Online Image]

“just engaged” – ciaostefanel on Flickr [Online Image]

“this is how you propose” – beatsrhymesnlife on Flickr [Online Image]

“will you marry me?” – nadi0 on Flickr [Online Image]

“valentines question” – babka_babka on Flickr [Online Image]



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