20 “Real Life” ways to say I Love You


In our first article “20 ways to say I Love You,” we were surprised by the feedback. Some loved it, some hated it, some were like meh. Out of touch maybe? Too idealistic? Movieish?

Well, we conked our coconuts together and quizzed couples young and old on some of the nuances of what love is. Here is are some “real life” ways that we discovered.


1. Pretend her cooking isn’t burnt

love burnt food

2. Forget that you could completely wrap your arms around him

3. Give him a pedicure

love toenails

4. Congratulate her for yelling ‘home run!’ at the football game

love shout

5. Get along with the in-laws no matter how much it kills you

Love Parents

6. Shave your pits daily instead of once a week

Love Shave

7. Don’t let them dress themselves

Love Clothes

8. Get used to her new hairstyles

Love Hair

9. Use air freshener after bathroom use, you don’t want to be charged for murder

Love Smell

10. Trim his long toe hairs

Love Toe Hair

11. Don’t get irritated when he puts the dishes away in the wrong place

Love Dishes

12. Drink the junk beer that she bought because it was on sale

Love Beer

13. Embrace the power of his farts

Love Farts

14. Give them hugs despite the nose hair curling experience

Love Stinks

15. Don’t let them drive because you value their life

Love Drive

16. Buy stain hiding dark underwear

Love Stain

17. Watch sappy romantic movies with her

Love Movie

18. Put up with his friends

Love Friends

19. Help them get through a midlife crisis

Love Crisis

20. Look forward to 20+ years of this!

Love More

*Let us know if we missed your favorite! We’d love to hear your comments!


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“Midlife_Crisis.jpg” – praisehim1966 on Flickr [Online Images]

“510591389_8dc95a5c82_b” – artistpavel on Flickr [Online Images]

“Okamoto-san” – bluescrubby on Flickr [Online Images]

“Shotgun Wedding” – JBAT on Flickr [Online Images]

Movie Theater – kdborden86 on Flickr [Online Images]

“Hydrant Accident” – naotakem on Flickr [Online Images]

“Anyone for toast?” – NicnBill on Flickr [Online Images]

“DSC02248″ – Girl with blue hair – San Francisco Love Fest 2007” – loupiote (Old Skool) on Flickr [Online Images]

“IMG_0003” – getmyhomesvalue on Flickr [Online Images]

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“True Beauty” – Jade Quinnell on Flickr [Online Images]

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“i don’t think there’s any question here | day 363” – TeeRish on Flickr [Online Images]

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“Dishes are way past due” – Squiggle on Flickr [Online Images]

“cutesypoo pillow” – cutesypoo on Flickr [Online Images]

“I Hope This Weirds You Out” – Brother O’Mara on Flickr [Online Images]

“Shamu’s Friendship” – eschipul on Flickr [Online Images]

“DSC02156” – inspasm on Flickr [Online Images]



20 thoughts on “20 “Real Life” ways to say I Love You

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  3. zim

    It’s a small world! I stumbled upon your post this evening and just had to tell you that I took the photograph you used for #7, “Donโ€™t let them dress themselves” at a place I used to work at a few years ago. It was “goofy dress up day” or something like that in our office, I don’t remember exactly. Just had to say it because it certainly is weird to see something familiar like that.

    My mind is boggled.

    zim´s last post: twutโ€™s twup, tweople?

    reply to this comment

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