20 Ways to Say I Love You


There’s more ways to say I love you without actually saying it. Sometimes these three words are meaningless unless you couple your words with action. Here are 20 ways to show that special someone that you love them.

1. Write a note

Post it

2. Give flowers

Pick some flowers

3. Take a walk

Go out for a stroll.

4. Make lunch

Make a yummy sandwich.

5. Give a massage

Give a massage

6. Let them win

Love Game

7. Take a trip together

Travel the world

8. Cook together

Help cook

9. Cuddle

Hold them close

10. Have a picnic

Set up a picnic at the park

11. Give a present

Make a handmade gift

12. Watch the sunset

Sunsets are romantic

13. Let your hands do the talking

Express yourself

14. Share

Share your favorite things

15. Make a call

Call to show your thinking of them

16. Sing

Sing a love song

17. Kiss

Seal it with a kiss

18. Write a love letter/poem

Tell them how you feel

19. Tell them your secrets

Confide in them

20. Heal their wounds

Be their bandaid

NOTE: If you enjoyed this post check out the follow-up 20 “Real Life” ways to say I Love You and 20 ways to Propose.



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60 thoughts on “20 Ways to Say I Love You

  1. usually calmer

    oh, ok… but what about sex, or… sacrifice? Sacrificing something of yours for someone else is the best way I can think of to show love. Sacrificing time, money, whatever it is For the other person. Sacrificing comfort. Sex is, of course, another great way to show love. It is the most intimate act one can do.
    also, I’d be mad is someone who claimed to love me ‘let me win’ that just means they’re lying to me… no thanks.

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    Justin Hernandez replies:

    usually calmer, you’re right sacrifice would have been an easier way to say things. Though most people will take the tips as way to say I love you in a sexual way, these tips are for ALL relationships. If you let a child win – it’s a joy to see the smile on their face.

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  2. Ecclesiastes

    I don’t think “Let them win” means ‘I love you’. ‘Sing’ sounds like ‘Show off’.

    Where is ‘Give ecstasy’? Or has everyone heart grown so hard that sex is always about taking not giving?

    Where is ‘Be vulnerable’?

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    Justin Hernandez replies:

    Duly noted. These tips are for all relationships, not just sexual ones. If you have kids and let them win in a board game you’ll understand. Thanks 🙂

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  3. that guy again

    You are a sad, sad person. Why do you refuse comments that are not 100% positive? or is it because they included the dirty word secx? you have my e-mail address. Please, let me know why you deleted mine and Ecclesiastes.
    LOVE is shown by grace. It is shown by sacrifice, by vulnerability. Why do you refuse this?

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    Justin Hernandez replies:

    I appreciate all forms of criticism as long as it’s intelligible and expletive free. Please keep the suggestions coming :).

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    Justin Hernandez replies:

    Also, I just woke up recently. It’s still 6AM in Hawaii, I didn’t delete your comment. It’s probably just a caching error. I’m sorry for that.

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  4. Bella

    I agree with all of these. As a mom of four small children there are times that you let them win to help them build self esteem. I mean, I can always beat my 4 year old at tic tac toe but I don’t because to watch her win and to see her have confidence in herself is priceless. There are more relationships out there that involve love than that between a significant other. Friends, children, family…all of these require love. Great ideas!

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  6. Shelley

    It always amazes me to see negative comments on something like this. Of course there are a million ways to say I love you. Here are just 20, by someone who owns this blog. Their ideas. Their expressions. Calm down people.

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  7. jdrew

    it’s not that they’re not “good things” they’re just cliques – and romance has to be energetic and creative. Spontaneous and exciting. This just makes love seem easy and plain that’s all

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    Justin Hernandez replies:

    In a way you’re right. Love is so different to so many. I see an old and frail couple that walks down the street everyday to get groceries and it’s amazing because they hold each other so tenderly, it’s touching. I’m sure their relationship is not as spicy (getting busy) as it once was but who are we to say they are not MORE in love?

    What works for one couple does not necessarily work for another. While some want trips around the world – others will want to stay at home. What spontaneous and exciting things are you thinking of?

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    Justin Hernandez replies:

    Of course! Just stay tuned for more ways to say I love you.

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  10. Pregnancy

    Letting the girl win is the best thing you can do especially if its something you want her to keep playing .

    Ive noticed the games I dont let my girl win at she hated and the ones where we are a team or i let her win she loves.

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  11. Jon L.

    This is a great post. Thank you for the ideas, I can definately tell my girlfriend that i love her many more ways now than just getting her gifts, saying i love her, and kissing/cuddling…. Thank you again.

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  12. Alex T.

    This helped me remember the first girl i ever loved and how i feel about her still (good feeling.) This also helped me so I can change my feelings, attitude, and emotions toward her. I will tell her what I really feel and tell her that….”I Love Her”…Thanks for the tip.

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