Under the Hood: Part Two – Server Software


What's under the hood?
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The nerd in me dictates that I be open about the software that runs on Tivate. If you’re here just for the inspiration then you’re allowed to skip on by. Let’s get right into it.

Server Software::

Tivate runs on a VPS over at Slicehost. I wrote an earlier article about Slicehost and the hardware underneath – here. Here is a list of software that has helps me run Tivate and just get things done. If you want to know more or want to see any of my config files (minus sensitive info) then just email me at justin at-no-spam tivate.com.

OS: Ubuntu 8.04 – Hardy Heron

  • Nginx – small extremely lightweight HTTP server coded by Igor Sysoev.
  • PHP 5 with XCache – dynamic language
  • MySQL – database
  • WordPress
  • Shorewall – Firewall
  • Monit – Utility for monitoring and managing server daemons
  • AWStats – Powerful server log stat tracker
  • DenyHosts – utility to keep brute force attackers away from your ssh server
  • Duplicity – encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup tool. I use this to do daily backups to S3
  • logrotate – utility to rotate server logs
  • mysqlicious – delicious mirroring tool. I use it for the blog roll
  • Midnight Commander – the best file manager period. I use this heavily while logged in via ssh.
  • phpMyAdmin – easy to use web based MySQL manager.
  • ssmtp – simple smtp forwarder which I use to forward email to Postfix running on another box
  • tmpreaper – tmp dir cleanup utility
  • mpd – music player daemon. I use this to play mp3 files remotely
  • icecast2 – to stream mp3 files through http. Jazz and focus music are my favs.


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