Does inspiration have to be touchy feely?

TITP2007: Touchy & Feely
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While chatting with my friend the other day he applauded my efforts for wanting to help people get inspired. He noted though, that most inspiration is touch feely – downright cheesy. Admittedly, this is true. Inspiration has been relegated to pictures with thick black borders, Jesus fanatics, cheesy music and landscape portraits to places you’ll never visit. It feels so distant and out of touch. We need more than just pics and quotes.

Inspiration has become a marketing tool filled with buzz words and catch phrases. It has made you think that to be a success you have to be a millionaire. Through inspiration marketing you have been shamed into thinking that you are not worthy, your life is a mess, you need better – you deserve better. The fact of the matter is, inspiration is not a one size fits all deal. For every person who wants be a millionaire you can find a mother who knows her children are priceless. No, you don’t have to be Henry Ford, Rockefeller, Gates or Buffet to be inspiring. You just have to be you.

And for many of us just finding out who we are, can be the most excruciating, time-consuming – most put-off thing we have yet to do. So many people nowadays are unhappy with who they are because they desire the dreams of other people – people who don’t care who they are yet they influence their lives. Yes, there is a great need for inspiration. And yes, the parcel that inspiration is delivered in needs to change. It’s not a marketing strategy, it’s not a buzz word, it’s not a formula, it’s not a philosophy, it’s not a catchphrase. It’s you.

That’s why I want to change the perception of what is inspiration is. I want to take inspiration out of the dark and into the public eye. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s okay to seek out motivation, to be uninspired, and to feel unmotivated. It’s not cheesy, not sappy. It’s necessary. It won’t be all touchy feely – I promise. It will be more like a kick in the face why-didn’t-I-think-of-that-I-can-do-that type of vibe. Are you feeling sad and unmotivated? Good we can change that.

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