Try Something New – Eat Healthier


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Not only does eating better keep you more slim, it helps you live longer and boosts your energy. Lower your stress level and get better sleep by adding fruit to your meal! Here’s a couple of ways to include fruit or veggies to your food:

  • Add bananas, strawberries or blueberries to your favorite cereal. (I like Cheerios and bananas together!)
  • For a quick snack, good ‘ol peanut butter and celery provide a great protein kick.
  • Replace rice with your favorite vegetable. (Broccoli is great.)
  • Make a stir fry adding frozen veggies. 
  • Drink 100% Orange Juice.
  • Eat Frozen Juice Bars. (Good for dessert!)
  • Have some vegetable soup.
  • Make a vegetable omelette.



2 thoughts on “Try Something New – Eat Healthier

  1. Taylor

    I was surfing around for some new eating ideas and came across your post.

    I like the idea of putting frozen veggies into a stir fry for something different.

    I agree with about swapping out the rice when you can, but I also go from white rice to brown which also is a nice change with some dishes.

    Thanks for the sharing your ideas

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