How to be a TRUE Genius – Part One: What is a TRUE Genius?


If you’re reading this blog you must already have a measure of intelligence – haha 😉 . But all joking aside,  we take comfort that we are smart to a certain degree. Whether it be math, history, mechanics, video games, etc. However, do you consider yourself a genius? Do you know what a True Genius is?

From a social standpoint there are three flavors of genius, regardless of educational focus. They are:

  1. Negative Genius
  2. Average Genius
  3. True Genius

Let’s take a more in depth look into these three types.

What is a Negative Genius?::

Negative Genius

Intelligence: Above Average <—-> Genius
Personality type: Rude, cocky, socially inept, focuses on self rather than others
Strengths: Knowledgeable, leader, self-motivated, constantly learning, trivia buff
Weaknesses: Does not work well in a team environment, loves to see others fail, uses knowledge as a weapon, does not know how to compliment, views other intelligent people as threats

The Negative Genius relies heavily on making others feel stupid and inferior with their distorted view of intelligence. Instead of using knowledge to empower others, they wield it as a heavy club bashing and pummeling others mentally. If not an actual genius, they are able to masquerade as one due to being so obnoxious, cocky and rude that others are afraid to challenge them. Sadly, the Negative Genius is the most common type of genius and has no clue how destructive they really are.

In the work environment, the Negative Genius excels at putting other people down and lowering morale. Since they look good next to everyone else, they are usually made into managers and bosses. The Negative Genius will try to make his employees conform to his narrow viewpoint. As a result creativity will wane out of fear of being chastised. Teamwork will also decline as other employees will want to “get ahead” and start imitating the Negative Genius. This toxic environment will breed stress, competition and selfish egos.

You can find the Negative Genius at your work place putting others down, in your circle of friends – the one who thinks you should be more like them, or working at the local Geek Squad talking about things that no one really cares about.

What is an Average Genius?::

Average Genius

Intelligence: Genius
Personality type: Quiet, keeps to themselves, focuses most of their attention on work and education
Strengths: Very intelligent, hard-worker, non-destructive, team player
Weaknesses: Does not share information readily, relies on their work do to the talking rather than themselves, uncomfortable taking the lead and rather just follow

The Average Genius is a neutral type of individual; not a negative nor a positive influence. They are vastly more intelligent than the Negative Genius because they have to rely on their work to speak for them. The Average Genius will share their knowledge with others only after much goading. This is not due to cockiness, rather, the Average Genius is fearful of making mistakes. It is this fear that prevents them from sharing their knowledge freely with others. They reject themselves before allowing others the chance to reject them.

You can find the Average Genius keeping to himself with their nose in a book, trembling over the thought of making mistakes and avoiding the need to express their opinion. The Average Genius makes an excellent friend and workmate who will share what they know if you can earn their trust.

What Defines a True Genius?::

True Genius

Intelligence: Average <—-> Genius
Personality type: Warm, gregarious, social, open, kind, caring, helpful, optimistic
Strengths: Shares their knowledge freely, socially adept, personable, unique, able to makes friends quickly, increases the intelligence of others around them, constructive criticizer, not afraid to make mistakes or be wrong
Weaknesses: Not always appreciated, regularly taken advantage of, may not appreciate that they are a True Genius, hated

Now, what – yes what does it mean to be a True Genius? It is someone who shares their knowledge freely with the goal of helping others without expecting anything back in return. Amazingly, you don’t have to be very intelligent to be a True Genius. You just have to love helping others and be willing to share the knowledge you have.

You can find the True Genius taking the lead at unique and successful companies where teamwork flows freely, making a positive change in peoples lives, on the internet touted as the greatest (put occupation here) guru and lastly in yourself. Hey, don’t worry! Being a True Genius is easier than you think. Let’s find out how.

How to be a True Genius::

Allow me to first tell a story about a computer guy we’ll call Chris, whom I met while working at my previous job. He was brilliant with computers and intelligent with everything else. He was a genius. However socially he was a zero. Rude, obnoxious and very cocky. He once told me that he ran Linux on some old Apples he had back at home. I asked if he ran Yellow Dog Linux, a company which is known for being a major Linux + Apple vendor. He mocked and accused me of making things up so I could appear intelligent. He said something like, “What’s next? Pink Lizard Linux.” Two other co-workers followed suit since Chris was the Alpha Genius for the day.

Now, do you realize what just happened here? Mr. Genius Chris automatically assumes that because HE never heard of something that it’s gotta be made up – it’s false. Further, he successfully lowered the intelligence of the other two co-workers because they automatically assumed that what I stated was incorrect. Chris is and will always be immensely more intelligent than I. However when it comes to being a True Genius he is a fool. Let’s look at the first step to becoming a True Genius.

1. Share knowledge::

A True Genius is never afraid to share. Nothing is more personal or heart felt than sharing what you’ve learned. I love how Zen Masta Leo Babauta says, “this is what has worked for me” and then he gives his advice. He’s happy to share but realizes that what he says won’t work for everyone. Feel like you’re not a “success” yet? Don’t sweat it. You can still help by letting others know what hasn’t worked. 😉

When debating on whether to share what you know with others, consider the 90/10 principle. Who do you consider more helpful a 90% genius who shares 10% of what he knows? Or a 10% genius who shares 90%? The answer is obvious. Think about all the gurus you look up to – don’t they share their thoughts and ideas freely? Don’t you feel special when they express their opinions? If you want be a True Genius and desire to be regarded as a “source” of valuable information, you have to share. You have to desire to want help others more than anything else. There’s no way around it.

If you share what you know, it will raise the intelligence of everyone that listens. Less mistakes will be made you will become an asset. Others will seek your advice and as an added bonus people will want to share information with you. Everybody wins! Knowledge is a tool to uplift others. Don’t use it as a weapon to humilate and destroy! Think about people who are obnoxious and rude, do you want to help them? Exactly! So learn to share.

In Conclusion::

We’ve covered the first step to becoming a True Genius. You may ask yourself who’s this guy? Is he a True Genius? Honestly no – not yet. I still have lots more to share. That’s why in the upcoming weeks we’ll be taking a deeper look at how to be a True Genius. Make sure you stay informed by subscribing to our RSS Feed or by subscribing via Email.

One last thing, if you know a rude Negative Genius or bump-on-the-log Average Genius and think they could use some help, email this article to them. You can put in our contact info.


Message: thinks you could use a little inspiration. Read this and learn the first step to becoming a True Genius. Have a great day :).


10 thoughts on “How to be a TRUE Genius – Part One: What is a TRUE Genius?

  1. Vered

    Interesting. I know a couple of average geniuses. I think many people assume that if you have a very high intelligence, there is often a social price to pay. I like your perspective!

    Vered’s last post: Apparently, Easy-To-Operate Stuff Was Invented, Because Women Are STUPID (Wordless Wednesday)

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    Justin Hernandez replies:

    Thanks Vered. Unfortunately there are very man intelligent people out there who can’t make that next step. The prob is that they don’t share. Thanks for sharing your ideas Vered you are a True Genius. 🙂

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  2. Laurie

    Great point. I think attitude is so vital. You can know all the secrets of the universe but what good is it if you don’t share it with others. Sharing with others is how we grow and appreciate each other. I think there are professions that “True Geniuses” are naturally drawn to such as counseling, teaching, ministry, art. Being able to put yourself out there is a risk but the rewards are worth it! :O)

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  3. Laurie

    I wrote my email wrong! Opps! What a genius right?

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    Justin Hernandez replies:

    Hey no prob Laurie. My next article on True Genius is about mistakes. We all make them. Thanks for your comment and visiting Tivate. You’re right attitude is very important. It makes me sad to see so many grouchy bitter people who think that life sucks. It’s not life, it’s their viewpoint. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing more from you. 🙂

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  4. Chiara

    Hello Justin!
    I have to say that your article is great. I will come back to this website to read it some more….you wrote from I point of view I never considered before. Yes it is true that a genius can be recognized by his intelligence or unusual talent. Being a genius is not by being cocky about how many facts you know straight out of a text book. It really means that you have came out of your box and created new ideas, unique only to you, and that you have found a way to share them to the world, enriching and helping everybody grow. it’s amazing that such a simple concept can go so far. Oh, and a true genius, wouldn’t talk about himself all the time, rather he’d put himself aside and think about what he could do for others.

    Altruistic, innovative and open individual.

    Thank you very much!!!! I really appreciate your ideas, because they will be useful to me in the near -and far- future… I hope to share them with others too…

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  5. Justin Hernandez Post author


    Thanks so much for the encouraging words. You are so right, a True Genius wouldn’t talk about himself all the time and would rather focus on others. I will be writing more True Genius articles in the coming weeks so come by and check them out. Thanks again 🙂

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  7. Mary

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  8. Ross

    I think you are wasting money on having SPS . The only thing they do is stand there in the front doing nothing . They can’t even push the carts to get them out of the way so customers could have space to pass. Their there supposedly to prevent the stilling from anybody going in your company , but anyways if they see someone that took something they can’t do anything about it. If the thief runs they can’t go and catch them. I don’t think it’s ok that we close and the SPS still can’t help us on anything. I would understand if we never had merchandise missing i would say wow , but their is no day that we don’t find open packages, hard tags , missing merchandise. Instead of standing they should at least be walking around the store since they come in until they leave that way they are closer to customers and greed them , keep an eye on the customers or anybody and if they see something suspicious to walk towards them. Instead of telling us to stop what we are doing and go check. Thank you.

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