20 ways to Be A Child Again


Sometimes as adults,  we may think we know everything. But do we? As we grow old our lives get more and more complicated. We start overanalyzing, criticizing and getting stressed. Then we start reminiscing on our youth and we wish we were young again. 

Here are some simple ways to get us to start thinking like our younger years. These were the simple times, when life was much easier. We didn’t have to worry about much and the only thing we hated to do was take a bath. These tips will help us think like a child again.


1. Ask Questions

Child Asks

2. Go to Disneyland

Kid Disneyland

3. Look forward to growing up

Kid Growth

4. Create a sandcastle

Kid Castle

5. Make a tree house

Kid Tree House

6. Get Dirty

Kid Dirt

7. Sing along to your favorite songs

Kid Song

8. Watch cartoons

Kid TV

9. Wear shirts your mom picked out

Kid Clothes

10. Use rock, paper, scissors to negotiate

Kid Deal

11. Play video games

Kid Game 

12. Take Flintstone Vitamins

Kid Vitamins

13. Have a sleepover

Kid Sleepover

14. Listen to your parents

Kid Listens

15. Do not accept “no” for an answer

Kid Beg

16. Make friends wherever you go

Kid Friendly

17. Build a tent in your living room

Kid Tent

18. Be fearless

Kid Hero

19. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say nothing at all

Kid Wise

20. Just have fun

Kid Fun

*What has helped you to think like a child? We’d love some suggestions!



“Did you have fun today?” – FiveAshes on Flickr [Online Image]

“Almost 3.5 feet_4120” – hoyasmeg on Flickr [Online Image]

“ladder#3” – michiganmelody [Online Image]

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“scissors, paper, rock” – Meme! on Flickr [Online Image]

“Bambi Journal Front” – iamsored on Flickr [Online Image]

“IN TROUBLE” – Mwesigwa on Flickr [Online Image]

“young couple” – Wolfgang Binder on Flickr [Online Image]

“pretty please?” – plasticrevolver on Flickr [Online Image]

“CSI: Köln – Crime scene #2” – —/HEL on Flickr [Online Image]

“The Sleepover girls” – manxkennie on Flickr [Online Image]

“The Kiddie Vitamins Pose for the Canon. YABBA-DABBA-DOOO!!” – The Faz on Flickr [Online Image]

“DSC00007” – Ian Wilson on Flickr [Online Image]

“Spongebob Math” – pirate johnny on Flickr [Online Image]

“Jeremy” – mahansa on Flickr [Online Image]

“Dont Get Dirty” – Ken Wooldridge on Flickr [Online Image]

“Marquee” – StartedByAMouse on Flickr [Online Image]

“Sand Castle, Stinson Beach” – Lisa Weston on Flickr [Online Image]

“Um, what?” – Elín Elísabet on Flickr [Online Image]

“Don We Now Our Gay Apparel” – chriswarren [Online Image]




4 thoughts on “20 ways to Be A Child Again

  1. Mel

    I enjoyed this one. Yup….just playing and being around kids can definitely make you feel like a child again, because when you do build sand castles with them, and when you do built tents in the living room with them and be fearless with them, you feel like you have no care in the world. It’s quite a liberating feeling because in those moments stress and worries don’t exist. So everyone should take the time to “think” like a child to remind us not everything is soooo complicated and find the simple joys and answers in life.

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