Why Tivate? Simple, because everyone needs inspiration. Now I know what you’re thinking, “I’ve already heard those ‘mouse that churned butter stories’ and I’ve seen the pics of the frog choking the stork what else do I need.” Well, to answer that, all of us need people. We need the human element. We need to stories from people who have ‘been there’ and ‘done that’ and came out the other side successful. We need to hear from those and see how opposition has molded their life. And though we live in a society that worships perfection, the fact of the matter is that we all make mistakes – from minor ones to major bone-headed ones. But, it’s not how or how hard we fall, what matters is how we get up again. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone.

what? why? how?
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What made start thinking about making an inspirational site was Scott Barron’s excerpt on the Ruby on Rails Core Team page (archived ’05) which said Scott “was set to swear off computers forever and become a plumber when Rails was released”. I was recently feeling bummed over a botched software project and was wondering if I should change direction and stop coding all together. Reading about Mr. Barron inspired me and I thought if he felt like giving up and didn’t – and now he’s on the RoR core team, maybe I should persevere. I was sure that there were others in my situation. Those who needed to be inspired and fight through discouragement and obstacles.

But what is inspiration? What inspires us? What creates success? Dogged determination? Sheer luck? Natural talent? What is success? Is it measured by money? or happiness? Is there a recipe? How can I be successful? Tivate seeks to accomplish this by interviewing people who we deem successful and see what makes them unique – who they are, what do they like, their philosophies, their struggles. We appreciate candor more than perfection. We also write articles on a series of topics ranging from social mentality to thinking differently. In this pursuit we have been inspired and we hope that you will too.


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  1. Ian Jones

    I think that you’re right to ask these questions. So often we use the terms success, inspiration and talent without thinking about what they really mean. Certainly when I stopped to consider the actual implications of the words I found that they all encompassed far wider meanings than I had previously thought. For instance, I don’t think success should be measured solely in monetary terms; there are so many more ways in which we can be successful. Surely happiness, family and quality of life should also be considered. I’ve definitely found thinking more laterally about concepts such as those mentioned in the article beneficial. It certainly makes you realise that we shouldn’t judge ourselves on such narrow criteria and that there are always positives to be found if we consider thinks with a more open mind. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’s taken something valuable from this so thanks very much for posting!

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