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Simplifying and House Cleaning

I can’t tell you how much I love reading Digg and Reddit. There’s nothing like having Google Reader jammed packed with 100+ articles to read every day. Alas, I admit it’s a HUGE time waster. I first realized this when I read Tim Ferriss’ book 4 hour work week. As funny and interesting as those articles are – most of them don’t improve my life and are nothing more than fodder for the weekend get together.

I’ve decided to support a couple key blogs instead of the torrent from Digg and Reddit. I’m very happy so far with this decision.

Also cleaned up Tivate a bit to make it look cleaner and more friendly. It feels good to get rid of unnecessary cruft. 🙂

9 Ways to Find Peace through Revenge

“An eye for an eye would make the whole world blind.” – Gandhi

Revenge. So often the theme of a summer blockbuster, spurned lover, jealous co-worker, competitive family member, spiteful classmate. We are encouraged to get “ours”. Sweet revenge. Our whole life – existence even, depends on the single moment in which we get back at those who have wronged us.

It’s sad how society lies so blatantly over and over to us all. Revenge NEVER leads to true happiness. Why? Because our happiness does not rest in the palms of others. Granted, it feels great when the object of our contempt “gets theirs”. However, what if that day never comes? What then? Will we be reduced a scowling sack of bitter flesh n’ bones?

Here are 9 ways to help you find peace and put revenge aside.

No need to be a nerd, avoid revenge!!!

Try Something New – Go Dancing

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If you are inspired as I am with Dancing with the Stars, why not take a dance class? If that’s not your scene, why not make a little space in your living room, play some good tunes and groove to the music? You don’t have to go professional, keep it simple. Dancing is a good way to let off some steam and relax. There’s many health benefits as well. 

Learn why dancing is so beneficial...