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Interviews that are designed to give shape to the people who shape our world.

Interview with Paul Stamatiou – The Passionate Technologist

Paul Stamatiou or better known as Stammy (with his creative branding via shirt) has already accomplished quite a lot – and he hasn’t even graduated college yet. So far he has:

  1. Started and maintained a successful tech news blog and managed to differentiate himself from the sea of monotony
  2. Starred Nike commercial
  3. Hosted events for General Motors – he ain’t stammering Stammy
  4. Interned at Yahoo!
  5. Started his own web company, Skribit – a great original idea which has taken off nicely (look in bottom right hand corner of this page) and most importantly
  6. Interviewed by – nice plug huh? 😉 .

Stammy is a nice easy-going guy with a positive attitude. The most difficult thing about him is pronouncing his last name (Stam-uh-tee-you), hence the nicky Stammy. In this interview, Paul talks about his accomplishments, shows us his work desk, reflects on his public speaking skills and admires his idol Steve Jobs (with quote!).

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Interview with Alexis Ohanian – Leader of the Alien Social Revolution

If you call yourself a techie and haven’t heard of Reddit yet, you must have been sleeping under a 386 SX with 8 megs of RAM. In any case Reddit has recently come out of geek bookmarks and into the mainstreamhollywood that is. But don’t worry nerds and nerdettes it’s still a safe haven to read about the wonders of python, obscure programming languages, why Obama should be in office and the latest evidence in favor of evolution.

Okay, so now that you get that I love Reddit, let’s move on to one of the founders, Alexis Ohanian. He’s the guy in charge of drawing the the Reddit Alien and giving him his unique style and flair. In this interview [pq]he’s suprisingly candid about what motivates him – and it’s nothing less than a kick of negativity in the face[/pq]. I would have loved to see his “wall of demotivation” that inspired him during the early Reddit days. You’ll also find out that he’s a damn nice guy and what his goals are for the future. Enjoy the interview!

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Interview with Zack Domes – Disciple of Simplicity

Zack Domes is a fiery red head who, through his blog points for simple, clean design and simple domain name), gives insight into life, family, theology and all things simple. Yeah I know what you’re thinking – it seems like everyone is jumping on the “simple” bandwagon. HOWEVER, Zack practices what he preaches; [pqr]he has been TV free for the last 2 years[/pqr]. Amazing. Despite his young age he speaks as a man much older and much wiser.

In this interview he allows us to peer into his unique mentality while talking about his heroes, what motivates him and his goals for the future.

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Interview with Saul Colt – Marketing Magician

Saul Colt, the self-described “[pqr]Smartest Man in the World![/pqr]”, has the brillance, positive attitude and creative thinking that earns him the right to be called “Head of Magic” at FreshBooks. With his tongue-in-cheek humor and quick wit he continues to make Freshbooks a unique experience for employees and customers alike. FreshBooks is definitely a different kind of company (examples: FreshBooks Hiring vid, FreshBooks Goes the Extra Mile) but is Saul Colt better for working there or is it vice versa? That’s topic open for debate 😉 .

In this interview Saul effuses about the joys of working at FreshBooks, the dedication they have for their customers, his goal for this year (with plug) and his favorite kicks. Enjoy!

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Interview with Neil Patel – Internet Marketing Guru

Best known for his marketing advice on Pronet Advertising, Neil Patel continues to work on an array of projects, including Crazy Egg, ACS, Kissmetrics. His niche is Internet Marketing. And he’s still going to college at Stanford University. With the amount of knowledge he already has, he shows he still wants more.

In one of his recent posts on his personal blog, Quick Sprout, he says, “One thing I get asked frequently is how did you become successful. Usually when people ask this they are looking for 1 answer, but the truth is there are a lot of factors that caused my success.” His keys to success are no secret because he’s willing to share them with you.

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Interview with Jimmy Wales – The Knowledge Benefactor

Jimmy “Jimbo” Wales contribution to knowledge is, in one word, immeasurable. He once stated in an interview on slashdot, “[pqr]Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That’s what we’re doing[/pqr].” Through Wikipedia, the world’s largest encyclopedia with it’s 2,372,745 articles (as of 4/14/2008), he has turned this vision into a reality.

As with any company of such magnitude, Wikipedia has had it’s share of critics and missteps. However, Jimbo has shown us that success is not measured by how we succeed, but rather, on how we learn from our failures. In this open interview Jimbo gives insight into his life, what drives him and his inspiration.

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Interview with Professor Walter Lewin – The Physics Magician

Physics and fun are two words that rarely go in the same sentence. Yet, through MIT’s OpenCourseWare, [pqr]Professor Lewin has taken physics out of the textbook and into the hearts of netizens[/pqr]. His love for physics is surpassed only by his love of teaching – a sincerity that is easily recognizable by his thousands of “students” around the world. With smiles and laughter, these students quickly forget the difficulties of physics, and focus on learning through masterful demonstrations.

In this brief interview Professor Lewin gives insight into what drives him and what he has learned from life.

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Interview with Rob Malda a.k.a CmdrTaco – Tech News OG

If you call yourself a geek (practicing, social or closet), then you must’ve read one of the many articles submitted by CmdrTaco (a.k.a. Rob Malda) to his pop news site Since 1997, it has 1) provided a steady source of tech news with a flair 2) a rich environment for geeks, nerds and dorks to engage in virtual fisticuffs 3) a place where you can always get flamed for bad haivng grammer.

[pqr]Rob gives insight into what’s really his greatest achievement[/pqr], the future of slashdot, why I should read RTFM (or FAQ) and what treasures lie near his workdesk. Enjoy!

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