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Interviews that are designed to give shape to the people who shape our world.

Interview with Craig Newmark – The People Person

From teenagers to senior citizens, it seems like everyone nowadays is using Craigslist. Craig Newman describes the phenomenon that is Craigslist as a “happy accident”. While that may be true, what is no “accident” is the fact that [pqr]Craig is hands down, one of the nicest, most humble guys you will ever meet[/pqr].

He truly is, along with his site, an enigma of sorts. How can a site that is free be so successful? How can someone so successful remain so generous and down to earth? Craig’s mentality is far different than what is the norm – something we all can imitate.

Man seeking to change world, help people - m4world - 55 - pic....

Interview with Justin Hernandez – Professional Dreamer

While I realize that I’m not half as inspirational as the people interviewed on this site, I can’t ask others to do what I myself have not. So I’ll go ahead and interview myself. Hopefully one day some of you will find this inspiring 🙂 . So without further ado, I give you the Tivate interview in it’s entirety.

Read the full interview and discover some weird things...