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WordPress Plugin: WP Focus

Do you have a hard time concentrating? Are you daydreaming right now? Does it get worse when writing posts? Then this plugin is for you. WordPress 2.5+ required.


Features include:

  • Full screen environment with automatic draft saving
  • Custom background color (yellow is the default as it massages the brain)
  • Listen to an mp3 music stream via Minicaster (flash based)

This plugin is for:

  1. People who, like myself, have a hard time focusing
  2. Those who daydream while blogging
  3. People who like to skip things on lists
  4. Those who like to listen to music while being creative
  5. Wait…what are we doing again?

Not for:

  1. Blog client users.
  2. Shaolin monks blessed with supreme concentration.
  3. Scrabble experts
  4. David Allen
  5. People who can watch CSPAN for more than 5 minutes.

Flash and WordPress 2.5+ are required. Only MP3 music streams are supported. Looking for some good music streams to help you concentrate? Check out SomaFM, and don’t forget to support them! To find mount points for SomaFM streams, open up the .pls file in notepad.

Thanks goes to Draftlight Networks for providing Minicaster free of charge.

We are on StumbleUpon, WAHOO!!!

Wow! We haven’t hit a month old yet, but one of our articles “20 Ways to Say I Love You” has been a hit on StumbleUpon. We are truly humbled by all the positive feedback.

Here is the StumbleUpon review link:

You can also review on StumbleUpon here:

Thanks so much guys! 😀

New additions, photos, quotes

In a previous post I mentioned how pictures and quotes don’t work. Well, due to reader response I acquiesce and decided to now post an inspirational pic and quote a day. I still think that pics and quotes alone do not work. 🙂

You can subscribe to receive daily updates of pictures or quotes via rss feed or through email. I hope you guys enjoy the new categories and subscribe. 🙂

Week 1: What I’ve learned so far

Teaching English in Beijing, China
Photo courtesy of vagabondrhythm

Whew, man what a week. Learned so much about blogging and interviewing people. Just a quick summation of things I learned.

  1. That people (even famous ones) are genuinely nice people
  2. That everyone makes mistakes (just wait till the cons)
  3. Have to be positive
  4. Failure is ok
  5. Everybody is human
  6. Brevity is wisdom, keep it concise (when speaking to others) – thanks Craig!
  7. Everybody especially well known people are busy
  8. Blogging is hard
  9. Don’t blast people with 50+ interview questions
  10. I have to be more personable

More about the mistakes I've made and the things I've learned....