Interview with Justin Hernandez – Professional Dreamer

While I realize that I’m not half as inspirational as the people interviewed on this site, I can’t ask others to do what I myself have not. So I’ll go ahead and interview myself. Hopefully one day some of you will find this inspiring 🙂 . So without further ado, I give you the Tivate interview in it’s entirety.


The Interview


itsa me!

Name: Justin Hernandez
Born: July, 14 1982 (age 25) Pearl City, Oahu (Hawaii)
Occupation: Professional Dreamer

What are are your nicknames and why did you receive them?::

  • Skeezicks – an old school word meaning trouble maker, ruffian. I chose this name when I started cracking proggies in high school.
  • Transphorm – shortened form of my business name.
  • Strum – short for nerdstrum, given to me by my friends. I don’t think the nerd part has anything to do with intelligence.

What items do you always carry with you?::

My cellphone, keys, Ducti Wallet, Bic Ultra Round Stic Grip Medium, Peppermint Chapstick, and satin (it calms me).

What challenges do you face in your line of work, and have you ever felt like giving up?::

Some challenges I face is customers that don’t know what they want. It’s always a struggle to be a good communicator, something that I’m still working on. It’s essential to have good communication in business – with clients and co-workers.

What do you consider greatest failure and why?::

I feel like not getting married has been my greatest failure. I know there are worst things in life, but this had me made me the saddest. 🙁

What does your work environment look like?::

Here’s my laptop Henrietta in my room (specs) and desktop Bessie in the living room.

What do you consider your greatest achievement and why?:: Because I’ve built everything myself from the ground up. From getting hosting at Slicehost (a VPS where you have to do everything from the ground up), coding and hacking wordpress, to teaching myself CSS and Gimp (this is the first site I’ve ever designed) – I’m proud of what I’ve done here. I don’t have enough to pay someone else so that’s why I did it myself. I’m kind of a perfectionist so it took a year and a half to finish.

Who (and or what) inspires, motivates you?::

People who know who they are. People who are cool under pressure and not afraid to lead. I’m most inspired by everyday people who thrive despite hardships. I think about those who are mentally or physically disabled from birth defects, accidents, violence or war; and despite their condition, they continue to set and accomplish goals. It’s amazing because they face so much opposition yet they don’t conform and set limits on themselves. While, we as “normal” people face minor opposition and so readily give up. What motivates me the desire to take care of my friends and family. I could never be rich because I would give all my money away 🙂 . Haha. Also the desire to help others and meet interesting people motivates me.

What have you learned so far in your life?::

  1. There are more people who will tell you that you can’t do something than those who say you can
  2. [pqr]Fear plays a huge role in our lives[/pqr] and can dictate what we do or don’t do
  3. Kindness is never the wrong thing (learned this the hard way)
  4. I talk too much
  5. The chef that makes “Cinnamon Toast Crunch” has no idea that he puts all that cinnamini goodness in there, because adults 1/3 of his age can’t even see it
  6. Money is a terrible measure of success
  7. A job is a job and it is not your life
  8. I figured why the heck the “Quaker Oats” guy is always smiling. Wanna know why? Try eating Quaker Oats every morning for a week and you’ll be smiling too. Haha
  9. Life is what you make it, so make it fun
  10. You have to believe in yourself and know who you are. If you expect others to constantly believe in you or define who you are, you will be miserable

cinnamon toast crunch quaker oats

Do you have any favorite quotes, pictures, internet links that you would like to share?::


  • “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” – Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • “For myself, I am an optimist – it does not seem much use being anything else” – Winston Churchill
  • “Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill
  • “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement; nothing can be done without hope” – Helen Keller


Here’s one. Looking at the situation, we all know that the odds are overwhelming. Just try telling her that.

never ever ever give up!


What are your strengths and weaknesses?::


  • Optimistic
  • Nerdy
  • I love a good joke, or even a bad one 😉
  • I express myself well
  • 10% Sherlock Holmes reasoning power
  • I know who am I (most of the time)
  • I can laugh at myself


  • Talk to much
  • Analyze too much
  • Think too much
  • Procrastinate
  • I don’t like to do things I’m not good at. So I’ve held myself back from learning how to surf, skate, snowboard. I’ll change – eventually.
  • Too chubby – man since being a computer guy, and turning 21 I picked up weight. I’ll lose it – tomorrow. 😉
  • Stutter – I kind of like this one. Though I get accused of being drunk when I haven’t even had one drink. I’ve also ruined joke deliveries thanks to the stutter.
  • Retreating hairline. I say retreating because it’s giving up positions on my forehead and building forts on my upper back. Twenty-five is such a magical age.
  • Play around too much, not serious enough sometimes

What are your goals for the future?::

  1. Learn python
  2. Go snowboarding
  3. Learn to surf – I know I live in Hawaii, sheesh!
  4. Travel the world
  5. Finish up two other websites that are in my head
  6. Learn to type with the dvorak keyboard layout
  7. Find my inner-adult
  8. Get back into preaching full-time (pioneer)
  9. Get better at the “big poppa” handshake. You know that big “sup dog” handshake with the pop. I can’t always get the pop so I practice – seriously.

What are some things that people may not know about you?::

  • I’m a born and raised Jehovah’s Witness
  • I suffer from long nose hairs
  • Self-diagnosed Gerascophobic
  • I love satin
  • Making poop is one of my favorite pastimes
  • Stained glass freaks me out
  • The feet are the best part on a girl
  • Like everyone else I have ADD
  • I use to hack xbox dlc content packs for the website ( I just cracked the SHA1 hash checks)
  • I’m a huge computer nerd
  • I analyze too much
  • I love popping blackheads (zits)
  • My pointer finger was made for my nostrils
  • I collect pens and pencils
  • I stutter really bad sometimes
  • I love associating things with smell
  • If I didn’t tweeze I could be a mascot for McDonalds with my hairy golden arches (unibrow)
  • Huge Sherlockian. Jeremy Brett was / is the best Sherlock Holmes ever. When you hear the word ‘praytell’ – you know a good story is afoot!


20 thoughts on “Interview with Justin Hernandez – Professional Dreamer

  1. kLarry

    wow. justin, just saw the picture of christina. if that was your Ex, i could see why not getting married was your biggest failure! with all due respect she’s a looker 😉
    seems like you guys have a good friendship still, maybe things can still work out!

    reply to this comment

    Justin Hernandez replies:

    As with any story there’s way more than meets the eye. I’m happy we’ve been able to remain friends. She is very pretty. No offense taken. 🙂

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  2. darylization

    I like that pic with the soldiers & the woman, each pushing against each other. The pic shows a lot of her character and what she truley belives in. It also shows that “actions are larger than words.”

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