Interview with Professor Walter Lewin – The Physics Magician

Physics and fun are two words that rarely go in the same sentence. Yet, through MIT’s OpenCourseWare, [pqr]Professor Lewin has taken physics out of the textbook and into the hearts of netizens[/pqr]. His love for physics is surpassed only by his love of teaching – a sincerity that is easily recognizable by his thousands of “students” around the world. With smiles and laughter, these students quickly forget the difficulties of physics, and focus on learning through masterful demonstrations.

In this brief interview Professor Lewin gives insight into what drives him and what he has learned from life.


The Interview

Professor Lewin

What are your nicknames and why did you receive them?::

I have no nick names

What items do you always carry with you?::

Linear polarizer, grating and compass.

What challenges do you face in your line of work, and have you ever felt like giving up?::

Try to stay ahead in the horse race of competition.

What does your work environment look like?::

Colorful office

What do you consider your greatest failure and why?::

To speak my mind – that is often not appreciated.

What do you consider your greatest achievement and why?::

My 100 lectures on the web they reach out to the whole world.

Doing what he does best

Who (and or what) inspires, motivates you?::

A desire to spread knowledge around.

What are the most important things you have learned in your life so far?::

Not to always speak your mind.

Do you have any favorite quotes, pictures, internet links that you would like to share?::

What counts is not what you cover, but what you uncover.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?::

Strength as a lecturer.

What are you goals for the future?::

I am 72 now, I want to continue teaching as long as possible.


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2 thoughts on “Interview with Professor Walter Lewin – The Physics Magician

  1. Kester Ighodalo

    I love you comment Prof. Walter, how will i reach you, i will love us to chattt, i really need your help, there are some questions i would love to ask you……

    Waiting 4 a reply via email…..


    love you work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Umair Mughal

    My name is Umair. I am a PhD student at UPC Barcelona. I love the way Professor Walter deliver lectures in the class, I praise his style, his clarity and his way of uncovering the world of physics so that we all can see the beauty of nature. His lectures at MIT website is really a priceless gift to our generation. I have learned alot from his lectures and I would recommend that everyone who is attached to the teaching profession or any other field should at least once see his lectures for opening his mind and expanding his thinking horizons. Love you Professor Walter Lewin

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