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20 “Real Life” ways to say I Love You


In our first article “20 ways to say I Love You,” we were surprised by the feedback. Some loved it, some hated it, some were like meh. Out of touch maybe? Too idealistic? Movieish?

Well, we conked our coconuts together and quizzed couples young and old on some of the nuances of what love is. Here is are some “real life” ways that we discovered.

20 more "Real Life" ways to show that you really care...

Interview with Saul Colt – Marketing Magician

Saul Colt, the self-described “[pqr]Smartest Man in the World![/pqr]”, has the brillance, positive attitude and creative thinking that earns him the right to be called “Head of Magic” at FreshBooks. With his tongue-in-cheek humor and quick wit he continues to make Freshbooks a unique experience for employees and customers alike. FreshBooks is definitely a different kind of company (examples: FreshBooks Hiring vid, FreshBooks Goes the Extra Mile) but is Saul Colt better for working there or is it vice versa? That’s topic open for debate 😉 .

In this interview Saul effuses about the joys of working at FreshBooks, the dedication they have for their customers, his goal for this year (with plug) and his favorite kicks. Enjoy!

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