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Interview with Leah Culver – The Social Networker

Leah Culver proves that girls can be geek smart too. At age 25 she:

  • is the co-founder and lead developer of Pownce
  • acquired a Computer Science degree from the University of Minnesota
  • created the Teddy Bear Remote Control
  • was a Software Engineer at iLoop Mobile, Inc
  • was a Host at CNET Networks

Despite her successes, she admits to past failures and even being rejected by Google. But these minor setbacks only proved to be stepping stones to her greatest accomplishments.

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Interview with Noah Kagan – The Amusing Entrepreneur

Noah is not your average guy. He’s full of wise cracks and humor that will keep you entertained. Don’t let his quick wit fool you because he is one smart cookie.

His accomplishments include:

If you want to see the rest his credentials, it is displayed here. His latest project is Kickflip Inc. and it is still under construction. But if you’re in anticipation to know what it’s about, he reveals that “it’s a place where you make cool things.” His site Okdork.com provides you with posts ranging from high gas prices, to the creation of social networks. Check out this interview to find out what makes Noah so unique.

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Interview with Paul Stamatiou – The Passionate Technologist

Paul Stamatiou or better known as Stammy (with his creative branding via shirt) has already accomplished quite a lot – and he hasn’t even graduated college yet. So far he has:

  1. Started and maintained a successful tech news blog and managed to differentiate himself from the sea of monotony
  2. Starred Nike commercial
  3. Hosted events for General Motors – he ain’t stammering Stammy
  4. Interned at Yahoo!
  5. Started his own web company, Skribit – a great original idea which has taken off nicely (look in bottom right hand corner of this page) and most importantly
  6. Interviewed by Tivate.com – nice plug huh? 😉 .

Stammy is a nice easy-going guy with a positive attitude. The most difficult thing about him is pronouncing his last name (Stam-uh-tee-you), hence the nicky Stammy. In this interview, Paul talks about his accomplishments, shows us his work desk, reflects on his public speaking skills and admires his idol Steve Jobs (with quote!).

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Interview with Rob Malda a.k.a CmdrTaco – Tech News OG

If you call yourself a geek (practicing, social or closet), then you must’ve read one of the many articles submitted by CmdrTaco (a.k.a. Rob Malda) to his pop news site Slashdot.org. Since 1997, it has 1) provided a steady source of tech news with a flair 2) a rich environment for geeks, nerds and dorks to engage in virtual fisticuffs 3) a place where you can always get flamed for bad haivng grammer.

[pqr]Rob gives insight into what’s really his greatest achievement[/pqr], the future of slashdot, why I should read RTFM (or FAQ) and what treasures lie near his workdesk. Enjoy!

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