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Interview with Tim Brownson – The Goal Specialist

Need a reason to get out of bed? Tim Brownson will give you more reasons than you need! As a life coach, his specialty is helping people to see that they are capable of fulfilling their dreams. His coaching style is one that will keep you entertained and motivated. Full of positive energy, smiles, and laughter he makes it easy to move towards progression.

Do you wish you had someone to guide you, to hold your hand and lead you in the right direction? It is Tim’s passion to help people reach their fullest potential and succeed in life. He’s like the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella. Only he doesn’t go around waving a wand! Instead he uses something more powerful than a magic wand, MOTIVATION! In this interview, you will see how much he truly cares about people. 

Enjoy the rest of this motivational interview....