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What I’ve Learned – Just Ask


Photo from Leo Reynolds

My favorite site that I visit regularly is Momgrind.com. The writer, Vered, is an amazing woman. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, and she really expresses herself in ways that a reader can relate. I recently started writing articles for Tivate.com but I lacked experience. Since Vered was my favorite blogger, I reached out to her. I decided to email her to ask her for help. I was nervous at first. I thought, “Why would she want to help me?” I mustered up the courage and after many proofreads, I sent the email asking for advice on becoming a better writer/blogger. Can you guess the outcome?

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Week 1: What I’ve learned so far

Teaching English in Beijing, China
Photo courtesy of vagabondrhythm

Whew, man what a week. Learned so much about blogging and interviewing people. Just a quick summation of things I learned.

  1. That people (even famous ones) are genuinely nice people
  2. That everyone makes mistakes (just wait till the cons)
  3. Have to be positive
  4. Failure is ok
  5. Everybody is human
  6. Brevity is wisdom, keep it concise (when speaking to others) – thanks Craig!
  7. Everybody especially well known people are busy
  8. Blogging is hard
  9. Don’t blast people with 50+ interview questions
  10. I have to be more personable

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