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Interview with Paul Stamatiou – The Passionate Technologist

Paul Stamatiou or better known as Stammy (with his creative branding via shirt) has already accomplished quite a lot – and he hasn’t even graduated college yet. So far he has:

  1. Started and maintained a successful tech news blog and managed to differentiate himself from the sea of monotony
  2. Starred Nike commercial
  3. Hosted events for General Motors – he ain’t stammering Stammy
  4. Interned at Yahoo!
  5. Started his own web company, Skribit – a great original idea which has taken off nicely (look in bottom right hand corner of this page) and most importantly
  6. Interviewed by Tivate.com – nice plug huh? 😉 .

Stammy is a nice easy-going guy with a positive attitude. The most difficult thing about him is pronouncing his last name (Stam-uh-tee-you), hence the nicky Stammy. In this interview, Paul talks about his accomplishments, shows us his work desk, reflects on his public speaking skills and admires his idol Steve Jobs (with quote!).

Take a look at Stammy's specs here....

Interview with Rob Malda a.k.a CmdrTaco – Tech News OG

If you call yourself a geek (practicing, social or closet), then you must’ve read one of the many articles submitted by CmdrTaco (a.k.a. Rob Malda) to his pop news site Slashdot.org. Since 1997, it has 1) provided a steady source of tech news with a flair 2) a rich environment for geeks, nerds and dorks to engage in virtual fisticuffs 3) a place where you can always get flamed for bad haivng grammer.

[pqr]Rob gives insight into what’s really his greatest achievement[/pqr], the future of slashdot, why I should read RTFM (or FAQ) and what treasures lie near his workdesk. Enjoy!

from the really-get-to-know-the-secret-behind-CmdrTaco's-sauce dept.

Interview with Craig Newmark – The People Person

From teenagers to senior citizens, it seems like everyone nowadays is using Craigslist. Craig Newman describes the phenomenon that is Craigslist as a “happy accident”. While that may be true, what is no “accident” is the fact that [pqr]Craig is hands down, one of the nicest, most humble guys you will ever meet[/pqr].

He truly is, along with his site, an enigma of sorts. How can a site that is free be so successful? How can someone so successful remain so generous and down to earth? Craig’s mentality is far different than what is the norm – something we all can imitate.

Man seeking to change world, help people - m4world - 55 - pic....

Interview with Justin Hernandez – Professional Dreamer

While I realize that I’m not half as inspirational as the people interviewed on this site, I can’t ask others to do what I myself have not. So I’ll go ahead and interview myself. Hopefully one day some of you will find this inspiring 🙂 . So without further ado, I give you the Tivate interview in it’s entirety.

Read the full interview and discover some weird things...