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Interview with Alexis Ohanian – Leader of the Alien Social Revolution

If you call yourself a techie and haven’t heard of Reddit yet, you must have been sleeping under a 386 SX with 8 megs of RAM. In any case Reddit has recently come out of geek bookmarks and into the mainstreamhollywood that is. But don’t worry nerds and nerdettes it’s still a safe haven to read about the wonders of python, obscure programming languages, why Obama should be in office and the latest evidence in favor of evolution.

Okay, so now that you get that I love Reddit, let’s move on to one of the founders, Alexis Ohanian. He’s the guy in charge of drawing the the Reddit Alien and giving him his unique style and flair. In this interview [pq]he’s suprisingly candid about what motivates him – and it’s nothing less than a kick of negativity in the face[/pq]. I would have loved to see his “wall of demotivation” that inspired him during the early Reddit days. You’ll also find out that he’s a damn nice guy and what his goals are for the future. Enjoy the interview!

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