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Under the Hood: Part Two – Server Software


What's under the hood?
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The nerd in me dictates that I be open about the software that runs on Tivate. If you’re here just for the inspiration then you’re allowed to skip on by. Let’s get right into it.

Server Software::

Tivate runs on a VPS over at Slicehost. I wrote an earlier article about Slicehost and the hardware underneath – here. Here is a list of software that has helps me run Tivate and just get things done. If you want to know more or want to see any of my config files (minus sensitive info) then just email me at justin at-no-spam tivate.com.

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How to be a TRUE Genius – Part One: What is a TRUE Genius?


If you’re reading this blog you must already have a measure of intelligence – haha 😉 . But all joking aside,  we take comfort that we are smart to a certain degree. Whether it be math, history, mechanics, video games, etc. However, do you consider yourself a genius? Do you know what a True Genius is?

From a social standpoint there are three flavors of genius, regardless of educational focus. They are:

  1. Negative Genius
  2. Average Genius
  3. True Genius

Let’s take a more in depth look into these three types.

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Under the Hood: Part One – Server Hardware


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The geek in me has decided to write a five part series entitled “Under the Hood” in which I take a look at the different parts that run Tivate.com. I just to hope to inspire anyone who’s thinking about running their own website and let them know what steps (or misteps) I’ve taken. Here are the topics for the 5 part series:

  1. Server hardware
  2. Server software
  3. WordPress setup / plugins / hacks
  4. Desktop software
  5. Web & misc. resources

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Week 1: What I’ve learned so far

Teaching English in Beijing, China
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Whew, man what a week. Learned so much about blogging and interviewing people. Just a quick summation of things I learned.

  1. That people (even famous ones) are genuinely nice people
  2. That everyone makes mistakes (just wait till the cons)
  3. Have to be positive
  4. Failure is ok
  5. Everybody is human
  6. Brevity is wisdom, keep it concise (when speaking to others) – thanks Craig!
  7. Everybody especially well known people are busy
  8. Blogging is hard
  9. Don’t blast people with 50+ interview questions
  10. I have to be more personable

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Giving Shape to the People Who Shape Our World

The Potter And The Clay
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Many of you may wonder how in the world did I get an interview with (insert name here)? To be honest I just asked. I just tell them honestly how I feel. I feel that interviews today are a little flawed. They focus too much on what a person is doing and not enough on WHO that person really is. Who are they? What’s has been their greatest failure? What inspires them? How have they handled negativity? Like a potter who shapes clay, in a small way I want to give shape to these ones by asking them who they really are and sharing that with you.

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Why Tivate? Simple, because everyone needs inspiration. Now I know what you’re thinking, “I’ve already heard those ‘mouse that churned butter stories’ and I’ve seen the pics of the frog choking the stork what else do I need.” Well, to answer that, all of us need people. We need the human element. We need to stories from people who have ‘been there’ and ‘done that’ and came out the other side successful. We need to hear from those and see how opposition has molded their life. And though we live in a society that worships perfection, the fact of the matter is that we all make mistakes – from minor ones to major bone-headed ones. But, it’s not how or how hard we fall, what matters is how we get up again. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone.

Why? Isn't that always the question? Read more....

Get Tivated


Getting tivated is a 3 step process – cultivate, motivate and activate. Here they are in order:

cul·ti·vate (kultə vāt′)

  1. to improve by care, training, or study; refine to cultivate one’s mind
  2. to promote the development or growth of; acquire and develop to cultivate a taste for music
  3. to seek to develop familiarity with; give one’s attention to; pursue

Cultivate is the process of cultivating your knowledge by reading and absorbing articles and interviews on Tivate.com.

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mo·ti·vate (mōtə vāt′)

  1. to provide with, or affect as, a motive or motives; incite or impel

After cultivating knowledge you will feel motivated and inspired!

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ac·ti·vate (aktə vāt′)

  1. to make active; cause to engage in activity

After being motivated you will activate yourself and work to accomplish your goals.

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