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Interview with Laurie Henry – The Innovative Teacher

Laurie Henry is a free-spirited woman with the desire to teach. She started off as a high school Biology teacher and ended up as an entrepreneur. Her latest creation is “The Big Canyon Balloon Project,” which she developed along with another teacher, Terri Monk. They travel to schools with an inflatable canyon and teach students how the Earth’s surface constantly changes. Her unique way of teaching helps young students to see that science can be fun! 

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Interview with Vered – A Mother Knows Best

Vered Deleeuw shows what being a mother is all about. Even though she doesn’t have all the answers, she definitely has the tricks of the trade when it comes to developing good eating habits for your child. Read her post, “How Do I Get My Kids to Eat Vegetables?

While she provides advice and tips on being a parent, her posts gravitate toward what’s on her mind. She’s not afraid to think out loud, nor express her feelings and voice her opinions. Make sure you stop by her site for her “Wordless Wednesdays” and “Best Shot Mondays” on these days you will find the best topics worth pondering over. Her attitude, and view towards life is definitely one to be emulated. Read her interview to find out why.

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